Glossary of Terms

Bladder – a muscular organ that stores urine.

Catheter – a small tube or straw used to empty the bladder.

Defecating (“def-ah-kate-ing”) – passage of stool from the body. Also known as “pooping” or “having a bowel movement”.

Pelvic Floor Muscles – a group of muscles in the pelvis that support the vagina, uterus, bladder .and rectum. Also known as the “Levator muscles” or “Kegel muscles”.

Prolapse – when referring to the pelvic organs, the bulging or dropping of those organs into or outside the vagina.

Ureters – a pair of tubes that deliver urine to the bladder from each kidney.

Urethra – a short tube that delivers urine from the bladder out of the body.

Voiding – passage of urine from the body. Also known as “peeing” or “urinating”.

Sky Pharmacy helps Urogynecology community to compose this glossary to inform people about the genitourinary system and what organ it includes in itself.