How Smoking Affects Potency

“Smoking always and everywhere” is an invisible slogan of our time. People take a cigarette at any convenient opportunity: when they feel bad when they feel good; when they want to support a conversation; when they don’t want to support a conversation; fill the pause. Cigarettes accompany a man everywhere – at home, at work, on the street. Cigarette smoke contains more than 5 thousand compounds, of which at least 60 negatively affect male power. But very few people know how smoking affects potency.smoking

What do the producers keep silent about?

Erectile dysfunction due to smoking is reality.

First, you need to look around: most people are influenced by smoking – either they smoke cigarettes themselves or inhale this smoke. All people are smokers, some – active, and others – passive. And it has long been proven by science that smoking affects everyone. Some try to quit smoking, realizing that they have become addicted; many are struggling with smoking, especially if they have a weak potency.

How can you make smokers to “lay down their arms” and quit smoking cigarettes? Try to explain that the main negative consequence of smoking for their body is impotence.

Sky Pharmacy warns about the negative effect of smoking on potency. You can this inscription on the packs everywhere. And what? Every day mankind smokes 15 billion cigarettes. 60% of men are potentially important.

In addition to affecting male potency, smoking causes lung cancer, heart defects, and other diseases due to nicotine. Every year people die from the consequences of a dangerous habit (about 5 million). Too high price for dubious pleasure! The globe risks losing 10 million of its inhabitants by 2020. And this is only the minimum harm of nicotine.

Cigarettes and men – incompatible concepts

No matter how often you say to the smoker that he spends colossal funds on his “little weakness” – it does not help. And they are spending money from the family budget that could have been spent with much greater benefit, with great pleasure, on entertainment. Instead, the annual global loss for the treatment of diseases associated with smoking makes $50 billion. Just to compare: tobacco companies make a profit of more than 70 billion dollars for the same period. Serious business is serious money. It is not difficult to guess who wins in this “war”. And the producers claim that smoking does not affect potency.

As for nicotine, tobacco smoke and its harmful effect on male power, you can read this information on the Internet. You should remember that tobacco contains ammonia, hydrocyanic acid, organic acids, toxins. The producers of tobacco products keep silent about the specific effect of these compounds on the human body.

Smoking seems more like drug addiction, only has an only difference – people die from smoking more often than from drug addiction, tobacco is cheaper and more affordable, and is more dangerous for health. Smoking and potency are related. Everything begins with damage to the cardiovascular system. The pelvic vessels are narrowing, the flow of blood to the genital organs reduces, the walls of the blood vessels are blocked, the blood does not flow into the penis and the erection does not occur.

There is another effect of smoking on potency – urological. Potency reduces due to carbon monoxide effects. When a man smokes a lot, the access of oxygen to the body becomes limited, which results in oxygen starvation of the penis, the vessels become thinner and are quickly clogged up.

Nicotine reduces the production of sex hormones. Nicotine affects the adrenal glands responsible for the release of adrenaline into the blood. Everyone knows that adrenaline is important – this hormone raises blood pressure and increases heart rate – that is what you need for a romantic relationship. There is no adrenaline – there is no blood flow to the genitals, which means no erection. The diagnosis is erectile dysfunction. Do you still want to smoke?

Of course, one cigarette will not harm you. The more a man smokes, the lower his level of potency. Complete impotence can be easily caused by just one pack a day. Sky Pharmacy wants you to know that male potency declines a couple of months after the “start”. And this is a minimal impact on health. The erection disappears completely by the age of 40.

Effects of smoking: how to recognize the problem?

How can a woman explain to a man that smoking affects potency? You should try to explain the real harm of tobacco dependence, especially its effect on potency. Nothing increases male self-esteem as much as the ability to satisfy the woman’s desires. So why do many men deprive both their women and themselves of intimate pleasures?

What happens if you stop smoking? Sky Pharmacy has statistics – no feelings, no emotions, just facts. Smokers experience sexual pleasure approximately 6 times a month, and non-smoking men – 2 times more. The average duration of sexual intercourse for smokers is about 4 minutes. There is a direct relationship between smoking and life expectancy (an average of 13 for smoking-dependent).

If smoking reduces potency, the first thing to do is to give up this habit. Doctors insist on the opinion that if you quit smoking for only 8-9 hours, you will partially restore potency. However, if you smoke for a long time, and then suddenly quit, alas, you will not restore male power quickly. Special medicines improve the quality and ensure the full recovery of potency. In any case, quitting smoking is the best way to protect yourself and your family from possible risks. After all, the potency will never recover if you smoke.