Urogynecology Community

Urogynecology Community

Urogynecology Community is an online portal which pays maximum attention to patients with urogynecological disorders. Every year hundreds of women from various countries have to solve their delicate problems. Our numerous articles can help effectively treat chronic pyelonephritis, enuresis, pelvic organ prolapse, fistulas, urethritis and other diseases.

What is urogynecology?

The name of this medical discipline reflects its essence.

Urogynecology studies the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases of the urinary system in women, that is, taking into account the accompanying gynecological pathology. At the same time, urogynecology became an independent discipline only in the twentieth century. There are very few specialists in the field of urogynecology, and there are even fewer medical institutions where they pay great attention to this area of medical practice. For our company, urogynecology is the priority.

Urogynecology Community is the first established fellowship program supported by Sky Pharmacy and accredited by the American Board of Urology.

Our urogynecologists are top-level professionals. They possess the richest experience, constantly practice and improve their own skills at various courses, seminars, and scientific conferences. All this makes Urogynecology Community one of the best online portals for the treatment of urogynecological diseases.

Therefore, if you are worried about urinary incontinence, chronic cystitis (including interstitial cystitis), chronic urethritis, pyelonephritis, urinary fistulas, we are ready to provide you with the whole range of necessary assistance.