Welcome to Sky Pharmacy!

The search for drugs is usually troublesome – it’s not easy to get dozens of pharmacies, especially if you need to compare prices and check the availability of various drugs. Moreover, you will have to stand in a queue and it may turn out that the necessary drug is simply not available at the moment. It is always very disappointing.

Well, if you are limited in mobility or feel bad – ordering drugs online is exactly what you need!

Welcome to Sky Pharmacy!

Sky Pharmacy always strive to help its customers and can boast of qualified personnel, the speed of order formation, fast drug delivery service. You can place an order through our website and opt for courier delivery. Drug delivery is convenient and profitable – thanks to our low prices, the cost of the order is lower than when purchased in ordinary pharmacies (even with the cost of delivery included). In this case, you do not even need to leave the house.

Our pharmacy offers only original medicines. Thanks to our drug search system, you can always find the required drug in our online store around the clock without leaving your home.

Our company allows you to order drugs in the shortest possible time and in any quantities. You can find any medication using our system, you can search for drugs and buy them online.

Sky Pharmacy: ordering drugs is easy

Our online pharmacy is a relevant resource for all categories of users, regardless of social status, age, or material status. In some situations, you can buy the necessary medication only online (for example, when there is no opportunity to go out because of illness or employment). These are people with disabilities, young mothers, retirees, single people, etc.

The advantages of an online store are undeniable: the convenient interactive panel is fully adapted to the information needs of the client. With the help of the personal account function you can easily:

  • make a purchase;
  • store the purchased goods in the online shopping cart;
  • monitor the total cost of your order;
  • leave feedback in a special section.

Our pharmacy stands out among competitors and enjoys a positive reputation due to:

  • loyal service;
  • reliability of the courier service;
  • rich assortment;
  • perfect quality of goods;
  • 100% affordability.

Price policy

We dispel the myth that quality drugs are always expensive – our cheap pharmacy is proof of that. The moderate cost of goods is the result of smart marketing policy. Direct delivery of medicines from the warehouse allows you to purchase medicines at the best price. We have no costs for rental of premises, utility bills and staff. The absence of these factors allows us to form the lowest possible price for medicines and medical supplies. All products in our catalog have the appropriate certificates and are original products.

Reduced prices and good quality of service allow our pharmacy to be the leaders in the industry.

Our assortment

We have a wide range of medicines for regular and urgent use, for children, adults and the elderly. The main advantage of our company is the availability of rare items that can not be bought in every city store. All drugs are always in stock. Here you can find products from various drug categories: asthma drugs, antibiotics, painkillers, cold and flu remedies, allergy medications, painkillers, birth control pills, herbals, quit smoking aids, disinfectants, erectile dysfunction drugs, gastrointestinal remedies, anticancer medication, weight loss and skin care products, vitamins, HIV medication, and many others.
Our bestsellers include but not limited to Viagra. Cialis. Levitra, Dapoxetine, Sildalis, Malegra DXT, Viagra Professional, Kamagra, Cialis Soft, Female Viagra, Propecia, Zithromax, Doxycycline, Synthroid, Clomid, Nolvadex, Lexapro, Amoxil, Prednisone, Lasix.

Our specialization

Our company specializes in the sale of generic drugs. Generics are full copies of branded tablets. It is allowed to release such drugs only when the patent for the originals expires. The production of generics is 100% legal.

All our products have quality certificates and are manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice of the international standard for the production of medicines.

Relatively low price is the main competitive advantage of generics. A lower cost does not indicate a lower quality: the manufacturers of pharmaceutical copies spend a penny on the development and research of efficacy and safety since all these measures have already been taken.

The production cost of a copy is only 5% of the original. Thus, the retail price of the original product and the generic can vary, making the latter product real salvation for those who cannot afford extra expenses. If you have never used generics to increase potency, then we recommend you buy generic Levitra, Cialis, Viagra. They have different active ingredients, so you’d better order a trial pack to check which option suits you better.

Quality guarantee

Quality always comes first when it comes to people’s health. We work only with reliable, time-tested suppliers who will never risk the name for the sake of quick money. All medicines in our online pharmacy are certified.

In addition, quality complies with the requirements for storage conditions of medicines and medical products. Therefore, all drugs are stored at the appropriate temperature and humidity. We have installed professional refrigeration equipment for products that require storage at low temperatures.


The patient does not always manage to leave the house to get the necessary medicine, especially if he/she is seriously ill and cannot get out of bed. Therefore, it is very useful when the necessary medicines can be delivered to the house. Not all pharmacies are ready to provide such a necessary service. Home delivery is an indicator of our great care for customers.

Sky Pharmacy is ready to offer everyone a drug delivery service. This is one of the main advantages of our work. We deliver medicines and other medical goods in a short time. Transportation of goods is carried out in specially equipped cars. We fully adhere to the rules and carefully fulfill the conditions of transportation in accordance with the current legislation.

Currently, we ship products using two delivery methods: Airmail (US Postal Service, 2-3 weeks) and EMS Courier Delivery (3-8 days).
A responsible attitude to the delivery process ensures the safety of the package and the container. We are ready to deliver medicines not only across the country but also all over the world.

24/7 online assistance

If you are cannot choose medication or are not very “friendly” with a computer, you can always contact our staff. Our manager will be happy to help you with a choice or advise you on any questions. Our highly professional pharmacists undergo regular refresher courses, internal testing, participate in training, thereby providing high-quality and professional service. You can always contact us for qualified help.

Our online pharmacy was created and developed specifically for your convenience. We will help you to live with even greater comfort and take care of your health without wasting too much time on it!

Do not waste your time looking for cheap medicines in ordinary pharmacies, you will find them much faster by visiting our website. A wide selection will satisfy any customer needs, and the prices will pleasantly surprise you. Our service is provided at the highest level. See for yourself – choose our pharmacy and be healthy!

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